Polling released by the Lowy Institute indicates that Australians want to see more investment in renewables and less in coal.  

The report reveals that 84 per cent of Australians want to see more investment in renewables, 59 per cent believe global warming is a “serious and pressing belief” and 72 per cent of Liberal-National supporters support a focus on renewables over coal.

But Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes, warned that the National Energy Guarantee, in its current proposed form,  will stop investment in renewable energy dead in its tracks.

According to Mr Grimes, “The National Energy Guarantee – the Turnbull Government’s energy policy – will not deliver any new investment in renewable energy. The National Energy Guarantee is worse than useless.

“The National Energy Guarantee will guarantee three things – less investment in renewable energy, fewer renewable energy jobs and less certainty for the renewable energy industry,” Mr Grimes said.

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